Friday, 19 September 2014

Driven grouse - wow!

Here's a sight to stir the blood. I had the opportunity to film driven grouse shooting near the Cumbria-Northumberland border - and what a day it was! The birds had grouped up in packs earlier than usual, and came over the butts in a tremendous flurry. It was a struggle to remember I was supposed to be filming, rather than just stand and stare.

This is a still from a slow-motion sequence. There are plans afoot to do something with the footage, but I'm sworn to secrecy. Watch this space!

Airgun hunting on Skye

AirHeads - shooting ginger rabbits on Skye

Driven grouse and partridges at Farndale

Crow shooting in Ireland with Jason Doyle

Pigeon shooting with a young shot

Fox control with Geoff Garrod

Good heavens, it's more than two months since I posted here! Not because I've done nothing, but because I've been so busy!

Here's a piece I did for The Shooting Show, waiting with gamekeeper Geoff Garrod for some fox cubs he'd spotted and wanted to clear off the shoot before they did any real damage.

Next up I'll post a few other items that have appeared recently, on The Shooting Show and on Fieldsportschannel's AirHeads series.